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What Makes My Heart Sing?

Course Prerequisites

About This Course

Increasing one’s happiness can be done through the knowing our basic needs. Our basic needs are the general motivation for everything we do. The way we behave is our expression of our basic needs at a particular time. Understand your basic needs and what motivates you to be a happy person. (William Glasser Institute, USA). 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what are the Internal Human Motivators 
  • Learn the Basic Needs: Survival, Love & Belonging, Power, Freedom, & Fun  
  • Able to identify one’s basic needs to be happy 


  • Basic understanding of data management concepts and constructs such as relational database tables
  • Know how different pieces of data logically relate to one another.

Target Audience

All team members at every level in any organizations

Training Outline

  1. Internal Human Motivators
  2. Identify Your Basic Needs
  3. Apply the Basic Needs to Our Lives