Telecommunication Access

Program Date

Fundamentals of Wireless Communication (TAS109)

25 – 26 Feb 2016

Network Security (TAS127)

7 – 8 Apr 2016

Fibre Optics Communication Fundamentals (TAS107)

22 Apr 2016

Radio Network Planning Fundamentals (TAS137)

4 – 6 May 2016

LTE Network Essentials (TAS125)

14 – 15 Mar 2016

Implementing VoLTE (TAS121)

19 – 20 May 2016

IP Networking Fundamentals (TAS124)

21 – 22 Mar 2016

Implementing Wi-Fi Networks (TAS122)

30 May 2016

Implementing IPv6 (TAS120)

11 – 12 Jul 2016

Overview of Telecommunication Networks (TAS114)

25 Jul 2016

FBB Network Deployment (TAS105)

FBB Network Equipment Installation and Commissioning (TAS106)

Fundamentals of Fixed Access Network (TAS108)

IP Services Deployment and Troubleshooting (TAS110)

MBB Network Equipment Installation and Commissioning (TAS111)

MBB Site Installation (TAS112)

Mobile Site Surveying (TAS113)

xDSL Network Essentials (TAS115)

xPON Network Essentials (TAS116)

2G/3G Mobile Network Essentials (TAS117)

Circuit Core Essentials (TAS118)


IMS Essentials (TAS123)

Metro Ethernet (TAS126)

Packet Core Essentials (TAS128)


Troubleshooting IP Services (TAS130)


2G/3G Network Optimisation (TAS132)

2G/3G Network Planning (TAS133)

EPC Planning, Design & Dimensioning (TAS134)

LTE Network Optimisation (TAS135)

LTE Network Planning (TAS136)