Fiber Optics and Photonic

Exponential growth of connected smart devices and high definition media over the Internet requires a higher bandwidth connection that conventional method can offer. Fiber optics connection had been increasingly rolled out to consumers. Not only business users are enjoying the high speed connection that fiber optics can offer, home users are also enjoying multimedia content deliver to their home through high speed fiber optic connection. This Fiber Optics and Photonic series of modules offers a comprehensive exposure on the background and operation of this amazing high speed connection.

Program Date

Basic Optics (FOP101)

• 16 – 18 Jan

Essence of Optoelectronics (FOP201)

• 15 – 17 Feb

Fundamental of Photonics Technology (FOP102)

• 3 – 5 May

Photonic Devices Characterization and Measurements (FOP202)

• 5 – 8 Sep