Skills Enhancement


Introduction to Engineering

Course Objectives
This course aims to provide an opportunity to students to learn fundamental engineering concepts through hands-on interactive team projects.

Course Contents
3D Printing (with Autodesk 123D and Cura)
Introduction to HTML
Fundamentals of Electronics
Mini Project: Learn with Your Hands

4 sessions (Frequency: 1 session per week, 7 hours per session)

WOL–Y Base Camp XP18

Base Camp is the first of five stations of the WOL–Y (Wealth of Life – Youth) Life Expeditions. The purpose of WOL–Y is to gear up young people for life and work. It is an exciting training program focused on imparting LIFE, LEADERSHIP and SMART MONEY $ENSE. Largely modelled after the adventurous outdoor activity of mountain hiking, there are many relevant parallels that can be related to life.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
ELEVATE their leadership skills through carefully crafted leadership simulations and inspiring yet practical debrief sessions.
EXPAND their financial resources through responsible stewardship, smart money sense that focus on long-term life and family goals, as well as giving back to the community.
EDUCATE, serve, and impact others with what they have gained. They will learn and apply effective communication skills as they begin to mentor others.
EQUIP youth with the positive life values, leadership skills and smart money sense for life, family, and work.
ESTABLISH an attitude of gratitude for their unique heritage from family, community, nation, the region, and the world.
ENGAGE in selected self-discovery tools in order to become the best they can be. The students will learn to leverage on their uniqueness and strengths in order to be more effective as a team player at home, work, and in their community.
EXERCISE their life purpose and maximize potential by uprooting destiny – destroying mindsets and replanting destiny – directing mindsets.

Course Contents
Be You
Bigger Than You
Be You & Bigger Than You (Coaching)
Become the Best You
Become the Best You (Coaching)
Buck Up
Buck Up (Coaching)
Before and Beyond You

4 sessions (Frequency: 2 sessions per week, 4 hours per session)

Korean for Beginners

Course Objectives
The course aims to provide a thorough introduction to basic Korean with the emphasis on practical spoken Korean; to provide familiarity with the Korean pronunciation and script; coverage of basic grammar and essential vocabulary and the ability to communicate within a limited range of situations.

The course is taught in English and Korean and includes coverage of the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing and a balance between communicative activities, structured practice, and grammar.

The topics taught are reinforced by homework and by a revision session aimed at providing an overview of the material introduced during the course. The progress made by students is gauged by an end-of-term test, following a one hour consolidation session. By the end of the course, students will be familiar with the Korean Alphabet, Hangeul, Korean number system, everyday objects and routine actions.

Course Contents
The Korean Alphabet and Pronunciation
Countries and Nationalities
Daily Routines
Location of a thing, person, place
Go for Shopping
Numbers – pure Korean and Sino Korean
Basic Verbs for Routines
‘To be’ and ‘To have’
Verb Form – Present Tense, Informal Polite style
Verb Form – formal polite style
Verb Form – Polite Command


12 sessions (Frequency: 2 sessions per week, 2 hours per session)


Program Schedule
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Terms & Conditions
• The course fee is not inclusive of transport or F&B costs. Participants are expected to make their own transport and meal arrangements.
• The PSDC reserves the right to make changes to the program schedule at its own discretion but with due notice to the participants.
• There will be no fee refund for any cancellation of registration/participation.