Name & Company Testimonial


Nadarajan Magalingam,

Pharmaceutical Plant

GDVT enables the apprentices to gain technical skills and knowledge, and to improve their performance in their daily work tasks. By offering quality programs such as GDVT, the organisation gains better skilled employees with higher performances, and are also able to attract higher quality employees.


Mohd Sofian Alias,

Aesculap Plant

The GDVT program is a win-win situation for both apprentices and companies. Upon completion of the program, apprentices obtain a recognised Malaysian Skills Certificate up to Advanced Diploma (DLKM/NOSS Level 5) with accreditation from the German Chamber (AHK), while the company gains a pool of well-trained and qualified employees.


Kelvin Teoh,

Plastic Technology Plant

With its 30% theoretical and 70% hands-on practical approach, GDVT produces employees who possess the practical skills and competencies needed by the company to achieve growth and profitability.  Such skills and knowledge are not easily gained through the standard education system.


Sahrizan bin Sahid,

Osram Opto Semiconductors

GDVT Program creates a platform & opportunity for coaches & process equipment group to share the knowledge and skills towards producing a well trained employees with technical expertise. With a combination of knowledge learnt at PSDC follow by ‘hands on skills’ applied at company, all apprentices will become a readily available talented headcount who will then contribute to the company within their new job scope once they completed this program.


Zaidi bin Atahari (SME Advisor),

Osram Opto Semiconductors

A program specially designed for the industry to harness the skills of its Work force from a non- technical to a skilled technical level.

The contents and the logistics of the program in which the program was being introduced has help the employers lose minimum man hours by the apprentice (through attending conventional program) and gain from the ever improve skilled of the apprentice’s contribution through the On Job Training Concept.

Added with the collaboration with JPK &MGCC (AHK), the apprentice will be equipped with the right skill sets (German Technology) to be “Technically Competent” and further help Malaysia achieve its Vision 2020.


Ong Tong Yew,

Southern Steel Berhad

Skilled employees is developed by this GDVT program and could give a better prospect for company enhancement in future.



Tan Hooi Houng,

Robert Bosch

Changing the vocational training standard in Malaysia will take time and persistency in terms of the discipline in adhering to the German Standards. In this GDVT program, our coaches and trainers are fully dedicated and responsible to ensure systematic instructions and coaching are provided to bring out the best in the apprentice.

I believe that this program not only compliments the current vocational training in Malaysia but it is also a test case and will revolution the standards on how vocational and technical training should be run.


Mohd Ramzi,

Robert Bosch

Not all people are clever, neither are they ignorant. It’s a matter of being competent. How do we know whether someone is competent? They are the ones who can perform a task both efficiently and quickly. Skills for a Brighter Future. Owning knowledge is a must, but being also equipped with the right skills is a perfect combination for skill workers.

Here in the Bosch Apprentice program, we’re not just giving a full support of knowledge, but also the whole skill related on how to be a great skill-based worker.


Sebastian Goelz,

Robert Bosch

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I will learn. The German dual vocational training fully support the approach involvement of people. I believe it is one of the best skills training methods in the world.

Personally, I fully support the Bosch Vision for Apprenticeship: We support young people, to be confident, responsible and economically acting employees with good communication and cooperation skills. They are able to keep their professional skills at a high level and use in the context of Bosch objectives.

Terry Chang,

Inari Technology

This program not only provides theory syllabus, but also 70% of real industry on-job training. 

Upon graduating from the GDVT, the apprentices will be equipped with adequate on-job skillsets and softskills to get them prepared for the challenging real-life working experience,

hence it will minimize the duration to adapt to the working environment, thus improving efficiency.