Name & Company Testimonial


Zahari Amel, 

Needle Plant

The GDVT program has helped to improve my knowledge on the functions of the different mechanical and electrical systems in production, and how to trouble-shoot any problem that arises. GDVT is definitely recommended for those who want to continue learning and improve their skills.


Yusman Yusoff,

Aesculap Plant

The GDVT modules have taught me how to identify and resolve problems to the machines, and about machine safety which is very useful in my daily work. I have also expanded my knowledge in Mechatronics, and in electrical and electronic installations. I believe GDVT is very effective to produce more skilled workers for the industry.


Asrida Jamaluddin,

Medical Production Plant

Before joining the GDVT program, I have limited knowledge on Mechatronics and the functions of the various machines. GDVT has given me the opportunity to put what I have learned into real practice and improve my skills in handling different machines and systems. The program also promotes a learning culture, teamwork and work discipline. I hope more employees get a chance to join this program to improve both their work and soft skills.


Halie bin Osman,

Osram Opto Semiconductors


GDVT is a flexible sponsored diploma program for shop floor people in upgrading a skill-sets and career path. This is a unique program offered where 70% of the module is designed on practical mode at the company itself. It give us a chance to have a real ‘hands on activities’ with a guidance from internal experienced Coaches & Subject Matter Expert (SME). The flexibility of this program makes us feel like pursuing a ‘diploma program while just working’.

Yeoh Wei Seong, Ng Khai Seng & Dasvindiren A/L Partiven

Southern Steel Berhad

We didn't thought that GDVT that could makes our life changed. It's help us throughout lot of challenges.