The Buzan Technique – Effective Thinking For Higher Performance (ADT 103)

17 August 2017 - 18 August 2017

The Buzan Technique – Effective Thinking For Higher Performance (ADT 103)

Only 1 % of our brain power is used, the other 99% is waiting to be unleashed!!!

In order for an organization to compete in the market place, be it local or global, the ability to tap the potential of its human resources, developing the employees’ capability to think effectively and creatively will be the ultimate goals. They will be able to plan, generate new ideas, make decisions, solve problems etc. with clarity and confidence if given the right fundamental thinking tools.

MIND MAPPING is a revolutionary method of assessing intelligence developed during 30 years of research by TONY BUZAN. His startlingly innovative MIND MAPS along with his concepts of MENTAL LITERACY have altered the way millions of people approach thinking today. Employees who are able to innovate corporate improvements are those who have learned how to harness the awesome capacity of the human brains.

• To boost innovation, stimulate creative thinking and deliver better results on both a personal and organizational level.
• To unleash the potential in your workforce rather than reacting to change.
• To make employees thinkers rather that doers.
• To generate better and more ideas
• To tackle today's information explosion and business problems more effectively.
• To be able to make decisions faster and more accurately.
• To cut down meeting time and stay focused.

• Thinking problems and goals
• Our amazing brain
• The power of associative thinking
• Using your senses in working and learning
• Whole brain thinking
• Mind Mapping -- the organizational thinking tool
• Definition, criteria and types of Mind Maps
• Mind Map laws
• Mind Maps applications in business:
   - Note taking
   - Preparing memos, reports, project papers etc.
   - Strategic Planning
   - Preparing and making effective presentation
   - Interviews (Job, Performance Appraisal, Disciplinary, Negotiation etc)
   - Brain Blooming : Idea generation and selection
   - Creative Problem solving
   - Decision making
   - Running effective meetings
• Mega Mind Maps for team work
• Enhancing memory and creativity through Mind Maps
• Creative Thinking:
   - A check on the level of creativity in your organization
   - How thought patterns foreshadow success or failure
   - Understanding barriers to creativity
   - Lessons from the geniuses
   - Steps to unleash your creativity
• Action planning - an opportunity to think through how you are going to use Mind Maps to help your organization and you

All employees who wish to take full advantage of their mental skills, enhance concentration, memory and creativity, thus bringing about improvement in what they do in their daily lives.

Joy Lim Siew Wah has over 25 years of training and development as well as human resource experience in various management positions in the education, retail and manufacturing industries. In all her capacities, she has been given the privilege of pioneering the departments. Her areas of training include customer service, management and quality. In 1996, she represented Malaysia in the Fukuoka International Women's Conference in Japan.
Joy graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and Sociology, Ryerson Polytechnic, Toronto with a Human Resource Management Certificate and Malaysian Institute of Management with a Diploma in Management.
She was trained in Dorset, England and she is the PIONEER Buzan Licensed Instructor in Malaysia to conduct courses founded by Tony Buzan, the creator of Mind Mapping and the world leader in learning techniques and the field of creative thinking. Joy is also a certified trainer for 6 seconds Emotional Intelligence, the world’s leader in EQ training.
She has conducted many in house trainings and public programs for multinational companies and the government sector. The industries covered are banking, petrol chemical, medical, manufacturing, ICT, hotel, telecommunication, automotive, insurance, trading, services etc. She differentiates her trainings from others in the field by creating a powerful impact with emphasis on actual and tailor made business applications as well as addressing real work concerns to enhance work performance and organizational effectiveness. By sharing her industrial experience and using a motivating “hands-on “ approach, she adds value by delivering practical business solutions. Since then, there have been many success stories and benefits experienced by individuals and corporations.

Paul Chan Kum Hoe has over 25 years of work experience in the finance, construction and manufacturing industries, holding managerial positions heading overall branch operations and marketing. During his employment, he has designed and implemented systems for process and productivity improvement, which resulted in increased profitability for the organizations.
Paul graduated from University of Toronto, Canada with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Commerce and Economics. He was trained in Florida, USA and is a licensed instructor to teach courses founded by Tony Buzan, the creator of Mind Mapping and the world leader in learning techniques. He is also a certified instructor to conduct courses on thinking methods founded by Dr Edward De Bono, the leading authority worldwide in the field of creative and conceptual thinking.
Since the set up of his training company in 2000, he has conducted many in house training and public programs. His clients include multinational companies and the government sector. He has trained employees at all levels of ranking in the area of learning and thinking as he believes that the human potential can definitely be unleashed if they are taught how to utilize their brain capacities with the right tools and techniques. Since then, there have been many success stories and benefits experienced by individuals and corporations.

2 days (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Program 100% Claimable under SBL Scheme
PSDC Members: RM 1,170/pax
Non-Members:   RM 1,370/pax

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