MS Excel 2007 (Intermediate – Advanced) (MDA110)

21 March 2017 - 22 March 2017

Participants will be able to create a formatted spreadsheet with formulas/functions, print data in worksheet and generate graphs using the 2007 version.


Intermediate Level
Module A: Changing Data Appearance
• Format Data With The Ribbon
• Use Custom Format and Conditional Formatting

Module B: Performing Calculation on Named Groups
• Understand Relative And Absolute Reference
• Naming Method
• Create Multisheet Names
• Working With Range And Cell Names
• Problems With Range Names
• Create Formulas With Range Names

Module C: Advanced Function
• Use Lookup Function

Module D: Presenting Data in Charts
• Create, Modify Charts
• Standard And Custom Chart Types
• Format Charts
• Control Chart Series
• Work With Trend Lines

Module E: Managing Data in List
• Basic And Custom Sort
• Use Auto Filter For Database
• Subtotal Data

Advanced Level
Module A: Data Validation
• Types Of Data Validation
• Create Drop-Down List
• Create Data Validation Formula

Module B: Data Analysis
• Pivot Table and Pivot Charts Report
• Scenario Manager
• Goal Seeking

Module C: Retrieving External Data
• Import Text Files
• Import From Another Excel File
• Import Using Microsoft Query

Module D: Simple Macro
• Record Macro
• Attach Macro To Command Button
• Attach Macro To Quick Access Toolbar

2 days

Program 100% Claimable Under SBL Scheme
PSDC Members: RM 580/pax
Non-Members: RM 630/pax

21 – 22 March 2017
25 - 26 July 2017

*Training dates are subject to changes