MS Excel 2007 (Basic – Intermediate) (MDA109)

11 April 2017 - 12 April 2017

Participants will be able to create a formatted spreadsheet with formulas/functions, print data in worksheet and generate graphs.

Module A: Setting Up a Worksheet
• Creating a New Worksheet with Data
• Using AutoFilter for Data Entry
• Making Changes to Data
• Navigating and Selecting along Cell Ranges quickly
• Splitting Windows Horizontally or Vertically
• Freezing Windows Screen

Module B: Data Entry
• Inserting, Deleting, Coping Worksheets
• Renaming and Coloring worksheet Tabs
• Changing Orders of Worksheet
• Working with Multiple Sheets
• Navigating Worksheets in a Workbook
• Hiding/Unhiding Worksheet

Module C: Formatting Data
• Formatting Data in a Worksheet
• Making Worksheet Contents Less Crowded by Changing Column Width and Row Height
• Inserting or Copying Column / Row with Insert or Paste options
• Adding Comment to Data

Module D: Writing Formula
• Entering Simple Formulas in Worksheet
• Using AutoSum to calculate Total, Average, Max, Min and etc
• Using AutoCalculate as Calculator

Module E: Printing Data
• Printing Worksheets
• Changing Page Orientation, Margin and Scaling
• Inserting Headers & Footers
• Inserting Page Break

Module F: Work Protection
• Protecting Worksheets, Workbooks and File
• Protecting Worksheets with Hidden Formulas
• Protecting Workbooks and File with Passwords

Module G: Changing Data Appearance
• Formatting Data with the Ribbon
• Formatting Data
• Formatting Data based on Its Value
• Using Conditional Format

Module H: Performing Calculation in Names Group
• Understand Relatives and Absolute Reference
• Naming Methods
• Creating and Re-defining Range Names
• Creating Formulas with Range Names

Module I: Advanced Function
• Using Lookup Functions
   o VLOOKUP()
   o HLOOKUP()
   o LOOKUP()
• Using Logic Function
   o IF()

Module J: Presentation Data in Charts
• Overview of Excel Charting Features
• Creating Chart
• Charts Modifications
   o Change Appearance of Charts
   o Convert to Other Chart Types
   o Insert Data Series into a Chart
• Creating Combination Chart with Secondary Axis
• Data Consolidation

2 days

Program 100% Claimable Under SBL Scheme