Managing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) (PDT 105)

24 October 2017 - 25 October 2017

At the end of the two (2) days seminar, participants would be able to:
• Understand their own behavior and others
• Develop Positive Attitude to work with others
• Developing emotional intelligence skills and successfully applying them to achieve desired personal and organizational goals.

1. Develop an Understanding of the Components of an Individual Behavior and How an Individual Behaves
• Principles Values of Life (What we believe)
   - Personal Values are the foundation of an individual behavior
• Mental Attitude (How We Think)
   - A mental statement in response to the evaluation of specific interaction with people, situations or environment with our personal values
• Emotional Energy (How We Feel)
   - What are Emotions and how are our Emotional Energy stirred
• Emotional Expression (How We Show)
   - Understand the 10 Types of Emotional Expressions
• Motivational Needs (Intensity of Desire to Act)

2. Power of Attitude in Positively Changing Behavior
• Changing Attitudes Reshapes our Values and Affects our Future Behavior
   - Changing Attitude reshapes the foundation of our Values thereby affecting a change in our behavior.
• Power of Focus Attitude
   - Aligning Positive Attitude with Positive Behavior
• Reshaping our Attitude & Personality Traits for Success

3. Principles and Process of Behavioral Interaction
• The 4 key stages of people interaction
   - Forming
   - Storming
   - Norming
   - Performing

4. Emotional Intelligence Skills
• What is emotional intelligence?
   - Can emotional intelligence be measured; emotional quotient (EQ)
• Difference between EQ & IQ?
   - What is the difference between EQ and IQ and why is it important?
• Developing the 4 key cornerstones of emotional intelligence

• Applying emotional intelligence skills
   - To achieve personal goals
   - To achieve organizational goals
   - To build relationships

Lecture, case studies, self-evaluation, EQ map, behavioural map

Managers, Officers and Executives

Pete Ooi Pit Tatt , CTP, ACIS, CFP, MBA, DBA, PhD(hc), is an international training professional certified by the Asian Regional Training and Development Organization,Philippines (ARTDO), an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, U.K., a Certified Financial Planner of the Institute of Financial Planning, Malaysia. He obtained his Masters of Business Administration degree from Southern Luzon State University, Philippines and his Doctor of Business Management degree from American Heritage University of Southern California,US.

He is a Corporate Consultant as well as a international Lecturer and Trainer with more than 15 years of experience.

He has managed transactions on Acquisitions and Mergers worth more than USD 20 million and have also conducted lecturing and training extensively for more than 8000 people from the academia, government officials, senior managers and executives, in Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines , China, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain ; representing multi national companies, public listed companies , small medium enterprises , non-government organizations, public universities , government agencies and other organizations.

Pete Ooi delivers his training with passion and energy and is well received by his participants.

He has developed and successfully conducted the following training courses for various organizations :
1) Finance for Non Finance Managers.
2) Emotional Intelligence at the Work Place.
3) Effective Negotiation Skills.
4) Managerial Leadership Dynamics
5) Developing Creativity & Problem Solving Skill

Some of the organizations that he has conducted training are as follows:

Middle East ( Kingdom of Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia)
Arabian Steel , Gulf Farabi Petrochemical Company Ltd, Bahrain National Gas Company, Al Yamamah Electric Power Towers Factory, Contracting & Construction Enterprises Co Ltd.

Intel Technology, AMD, Spansion, Dell computers, Fairchild Semiconductor, Hewlett Packard Sales (Northern Region), Toray-Pen Group, LKT Industrial Bhd, Osram Opto Semiconductor, Leader Cable Industries Bhd, Mayflower American Express Travel Services, Gobetronics , Sumitomo Metal Electronic Devices , Johore Port Bhd ; Kobe Precision Technology.

Dutch Lady Vietnam, Bluescope Steel , Australian Education International, Young Businesspeople Association of HCMC , Can Tho Business Association , Xuan Trang Ltd ( Employer of the Year 2006; Vietnam), French Beauty Ltd ( ICP Group). Diethlem Group, GlaxoSmithKline , Petrovietnam Insurance J.S.C. (Winner of Global Insurance Company award by London Stock Exchange 2010).

Southern Luzon State University, Palawan State University , Batangas State University, Laguna State Polytechnic University, Ifugao State University, Sultan Kudarat State University.

The Bridge Fund.

2 days (9am – 5pm)

Program 100% Claimable under SBL Scheme
PSDC Members: RM 750/pax
Non-Members:   RM 820/pax

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