Lean Value Stream Mapping (EMS111)

03 August 2017 - 04 August 2017

Lean Value Stream Mapping provides a helicopter view of the workflow processes with their constraints in meeting TAKT TIME caused by PITCH TIME differences and operational processes in-balances. Many companies today are seeking Lean objectives and are resorting to all sorts of measures to achieve Lean workflow for Cycle Time Reduction to meet Delivery On Time.

The problem now is exacerbated by many companies struggling with High Mix, Low Volume Production. What should be done to solve this perennial problem in today industry? Many companies today loosely use TAKT TIME… And have no idea on how to engineers their PITCH TIME. The concept of Cycle Time applications in many diverse Value Streams has not been understood.

APRC the leader in Cycle Time Engineering offers industry’s best approach in applying Value Stream Mapping to meet the requirements of different type of workflow of manufacturing, engineering and service business processes. Attending our training means you will go back with solution on HOW TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR PROCESS DATA WITH FULL UNDERSTANDING ON WHY AND HOW YOU ARE GOING TO USE THEM TO IMPROVE YOUR PROCESSES WORKFLOW. You will be equipped with the best methodology to achieve lean delivery cycle time and continuous improvement.

• Known What Are The Basic Requirement To Achieve Lean Workflow
• Learn How To Fine Tune Your Processes For Continuous Flow
• Learn How To Establish The Right Size Quantity, Right Size Time Duration, Right Size Signal for WIP Replenishment
• Learn How To Establish The Right Process Cycle Time
• Learn How To Establish The Right Process Parameter For The Value Stream Process Data
• Learn How To Use Visual Value Stream Workflow Icons To Map Value-Adding And Non-Valve Adding Processes
• How To Optimize The Design Of Man-Machine Operation
• Know How To Prepare The Future Value Stream Layout For Shorter Delivery Cycle Time
• Know How To Lower The Quantity Of Inventory And WIP
• Learn How To Redesign Your Layout

• The Lean Best Practices
• Eliminating The 8 Big Wastes
• The Lean Metrics
• The Principles of Continuous Flow
• The Issue of balance Cycle Time
• Workflow Analysis

• How To Reduce Lead Time
• Takt Time / Pitch Time / Cycle Time
• FIFO Line / Cell Line
• Supermarket Points
• 10 Kanban Rules
• Basic Kanban System

• Mixed Model Kanban Rhythm
• Line Synchronization
• System Workflow WIP
• Mapping Icons For Value Stream
• Mapping The Current Value Stream
• Identifying Changes For Improvement

• Type of Pull System
• Kanban System of Control
• Heijunka System Application
• Mapping The Future Value Stream
• Manning Ratio For Equipment
• How To Measure The Improvement

This course is designed to meet the need of all manufacturing, engineering services and businesses that see the needs for delivery cycle time reduction and the following:-
• How To Redesign The Process Layout To Meet The Lean Objective
• How To Optimize The Production Capacity Of Man-Machine Operation
• How To Implement A Lean Business Process

MBA, CPIE, MIIE, Certified MOST® Instructor, Certified MTM Instructor,
Certified TPM Instructor (JIPM) Certified TRIZ Specialist (USA) Lean Master Black Belt (IQI Inc), PMC-CB and ATCA Certified (Singapore) , Certified OJT Consultant (PSB-Seiko), Euro-IE

C.H. WONG is a world class expert on Work Measurement in electronic assembly, semiconductor, warehouse logistics, garment and retailing operations and has been appointed consultant to develop product cost and estimating work standards and man-power budgetary control system by some of the world's largest companies in Asia Pacific region.

He developed one of the most workable Lean System Mapping Methodology for high process efficiency in many type of manufacturing, engineering and service environment. His value stream mapping methodology is customizable for all kind of flow processes. He developed one of the world best approaches for conducting production study for waste elimination in Set-Up Reduction for Quick Changeover. His TPM consulting include NEC, Toshiba , Samsung , Infineon and Osram, Intel and Agilent...and many others .His TRIZ training has helped many managers and engineers to apply innovations in problem solving in just 2 days…. He was trained in Work-Study Engineering and graduated through the Institute of Work Study Practitioners, UK(1974). His other UK academic and professional qualifications include Industrial Management, Chartered Marketing, Chartered Transport and the MBA from the University of Hull (UK). He is also admitted as a professional member (MIIE) of the Australian Institute of Industrial Engineers and is a Certified Practising Industrial Engineer (CPIE). Currently, he also serving as the Director of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (Australia), and the Senior Instructor Member of Accenture LLP for all their MOST solutions in Asia Pacific Region.

Beside his wide professional academic background, he is a Senior Instructor Member of H. B. Maynard since 1988 (Accenture LLP) and a Licensed MTM Instructor of the UK MTM Association (1984). Over the years since 1984 he has personally trained and certified thousands of engineers in the field of cycle time, work measurement, productivity measurement, lean manufacturing and direct time study in additional to assisting clients in design of data block development for cost estimating system. He is also a senior member of the AIIE, ASQ and a qualified Lead Assessor.

In 1993 he was certified by JIPM (Japan) in the proper implementation of TPM. Since then, he has conducted TPM for several thousands and assisted many large multi-nationals in implementing TPM solutions. In 1994 he received SAVE Award from the Past President in recognition of his contribution in the field of work simplification methodology and function trimming applications in value engineering.

He also qualified as a TRIZ Specialist (in 2001) under the guidance of TRIZ Master, Victor Fey and separately studied TRIZ under Zinovy Royzen. Many local institutions has engaged his service to train their lecturers. In recognition of his work in TPM and maintenance engineering, he was appointed as a Proctor of the International Maintenance Institute, USA in 1999. He is also credited with work in TRIZ’s extension formulation of technical model for advancing innovation on problem solving and has made a significant contribution to TRIZ applied innovation approach. His current research is in the field of TRIZ applied application for innovation modeling and has contributed numerous articles to the New Engineers Journal ( IIE Australia )

He started work in GE as a Methods Analyst; Industrial Engineer in Teledyne Semiconductor; and6 years as Operational Methods Manager in the Port of Singapore Authority (1975 to 1981); and a Senior Productivity Consultant for Inbucon; and Principal Consultant of Asia Pacific Research Centre (Lean Sigma Group) for the past 20 years.

His personal clients include: SHELL, Infineon, AMOCO, Astec, Tri-State, HP, Toshiba, NEC, Sony Display, AFPD, Agilent, PNE, Lemtronics, Bosch, Asahi, ABB, Asia Brewery, DELL, Intel, OSRAM. Matsushita, Colgate, Philips, Nokia, Flextronics, Finisar, Carsem, Motorola, Samsung, Sumiko, IECO, Chartered, Printronix, Seiko..Sumitomo….. HDB, Great Eastern Life, DHL, Jabil..IECO..SAESL.,.Pioneer , etc… and lean consultant to most of NIKE’s top contractors in Asia including all the largest garment manufacturers in the world – Gimmill Group, SL Global , Tri- State, Esquel ,and recently for Tesco Malaysia and Tesco China

Currently he is one of the top consultants in the field of Lean where his know-how in cycle time engineering, continuous flow line configuration, man-machine operations, work simplification, value engineering, process redesign, problem solving and work measurement in both manufacturing and services are brought to focus. Recently he conducted Lean (for Healthcare) and successfully delivered it for Hospitals in Hong Kong and Singapore. He has also assisted HKPC to conduct many Certified Training courses for several years and trained many of HKPC's Productivity Consultant.

2 days

Program 100% Claimable under SBL Scheme
PSDC Members: RM 1,790/pax
Non-Members: RM 1,890/pax

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