Influencing Without Authority (PDT138)

21 March 2017 - 22 March 2017

Organizations have changed – there is now a mix of top-down authority and situations where no single person is clearly "the boss." Therefore, Influencing skills are indispensable in modern organizations. Professionals and managers aren’t getting things done because they can tell someone else what to do. People are getting things done through influence.
This is a highly practical and interactive course, designed to develop key skills relevant to people at all levels to positively influence people in such a way that others follow and act willingly —as opposed to complying because of the authority factor.

• Understand the skills required to Influence effectively without authority
• Achieve goals by enhancing trust and cooperation
• Apply influence strategies to gain commitment and foster collaboration
• Dynamically adjust your approach to others to gain buy-in
• Equip with Assertive Skills with powerful voice and body language
• Master questioning and listening techniques

1. About Influencing
    • The Power of Influence
    • The Six Sources of Influencing

2. The Power of Excellence Beliefs
     • Most influential NLP Presuppositions in Influencing

3. Reading others’ Mind
    • The NLP Communication Model
    • Understanding different Communication Styles using NLP Internal Representation System
    • VAK Cues & Eye Accessing Cues
       – Recognizing verbal and non-verbal patterns of communication and thinking styles

4. Speak their language
    • How people think? Different filtered thinking

5. Building Rapport & Trust
    • Unleash Your Personal Charisma
    • Build instant Rapport using NLP Matching & Mirroring

6. Influence through Languages
    • Understanding your Conscious and Subconscious Mind
    • Milton Model Linguistic Patterns for effective persuasion
    • Marketing Influencing: A.I.D.A

7. Assertiveness Skills
    • Behave self-confidently & authoritatively
       - The power standing position
       - Make use eye contact and body gestures
    • Authority & tone of voice
       - Common voice problems
       - A voice of Authority (Voice training)
       - The Power of Pause
    • Powerful Phrases of Assertive Language

8. Listening and Probing Skills
    • The 3 levels of Listening
    • Common barriers of Active Listening
    • Reading Verbal & non-verbal sign of active listening
    • Probing Techniques

Managers, Supervisors, Sales Personnel, Executives and for those wanting to improve the influence they have over different people & situations in their professional and personal lives.

Manufacturing, FMCG, Financial Institutions, Servicing, Hotels

Yvonne comes with more than 20 years working experience. She started her career in the Sales arena in 1994, for a large international financial service institution and subsequently moved into the field of Corporate Training in 2002. She has worked for several well established financial services organizations and has held various managerial positions during her corporate career.

As a Corporate Trainer and a Sales Coach, she has trained and coached a few thousands of fresh graduates, executives and managers in the area of soft skills. Yvonne has established herself as a competent Speaker, Presenter, Trainer and Coach. Yvonne is passionate about helping people to reach their fullest potential. She enjoys helping her clients on how to communicate effectively, make winning high impact presentations and unleash the leadership charisma. In this respect, she has had an excellent track record in helping many clients to reaching their fullest potential.

Her past role included helping Senior Managers, Managers, Executives, Agents and Consultants in their grooming and making high impact presentation; as part of developing them to create a positive impact with their clients. One of her major recognition and achievement was the “Supreme Achiever” Award presented to her in 2006 to recognize her outstanding performance in agency coaching. She has invaluable experience in coaching people from different cultural background.

As a Trainer, she conducts the following workshop titles.
• Public speaking & High Impact Presentation skills
• NLP communication & interpersonal skills
• Attitude & Mindset Tuning,
• Career development.
She holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from USA. She is also a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Semantics (NS) & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Practitioner of Timelines & Accessing Personal Genius.
She has since facilitated workshops for clients ranging from B Braun, Philip Lumileds, Dell, Prudential, Public Mutual, Amway, Manulife, Allianz, Hong Leong Assurance, Penang Women Development Corporation (PWDC), Sim Educare & Learning and etc.
Currently, she conducts 1-1 coaching and group coaching sessions to help her clients in her areas of expertise i.e. Communication, Presentation, Sales, Career and Business Development. Her coaching clients include Business Owners, Corporate Executives, Sales Executives and Women Entrepreneurs.

2 Days (9am – 5pm)

Program 100% Claimable under SBL Scheme
PSDC Members: RM 750/pax
Non-Members:   RM 820/pax

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