Introduction to Pneumatic (P111) (AT101)

24 July 2017 - 26 July 2017


This course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to assemble, commission, maintain and troubleshoot basic pneumatic control system and equipment.

On successful completion of the training, the participant can:
1) Design, assemble and test basic pneumatic circuit
2) Identify and describe the construction, design features, and operation of pneumatic components
3) Interpret technical specifications and data relating to pneumatic components and systems
4) Identify and explain graphical symbols for pneumatic components
5) Describe and design, operation and installation of compressed air generation and distribution equipment
6) Knows the role of pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and PLC’s in automation technology
7) Design, construct and fault trace pneumatic circuits
8) Knows innovative development and current trends in automation products and their application

Course Outline
1)Physical principles of pneumatic
2) Functions and use of pneumatic components
3) Recognizing and drawing of pneumatic symbols
4) Representing of motion sequences and operating status
5) Drawing of pneumatic circuit diagrams according to standard
6) Direct and indirect manual controls
7) Direct and indirect stroke-dependent controls
8) Logical AND/OR function of switch-on signals
9) Time-dependent controls with Time Delay valve
10) Trouble-shooting in simple pneumatic controls
11) Safety regulations

Who Should Attend
Engineers, technicians and supervisors who are involved in the design, operation and maintenance of pneumatic control systems for industrial automation.

Admission Requirements
General technical knowledge

3 days @ 9am – 5pm

Course Fee
PSDC Member: RM 1,010
Non-Member:   RM 1,110

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