Critical & Analytical Thinking… Thinking as A Process (ADT 105)

21 March 2017 - 22 March 2017

Understanding the importance of critical thinking and how it differs from other types of thinking (e.g. analytical, creative thinking etc) are the first steps to improving business decision making. In this introductory lesson, participants will be introduced to six critical-thinking skills: interpretation, analysis, inference, explanation, evaluation, and self-regulation.
Critical Thinking will enhance the individual's ability to critically look at the factors or elements of a particular situation or issue and the rationale or arguments before concluding on the cause before deciding the appropriate action to take. This will improve the effectiveness of the solutions.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to
• Understand what critical thinking is and the difference between analytical and creative thinking
• Know why it is important to become critical thinkers
• Identify and use the guidelines and factors of the Paul Elder’s Critical Thinking Framework to become excellent critical thinkers
• Learn and use thinking tools to enhance their critical thinking

Day One
• What is the color of my hat - a puzzle on critical thinking
• Thinking can be learned
• What is Critical Thinking
• Why Critical Thinking is Important
• The Critical Thinking Process
• Paul Elder’s Critical Thinking Framework
• 3 Component of Paul Elder’s Framework – keys to excellent thinking
• 2 Dimensions of Critical Thinking
• Goal – Become a Critical Thinker

Day Two
• What does Critical Thinking Involve – logical inferences and conclusions
• The Higher Level Thinking Skills
• Critical and Analytical Thinking Tools (10 tools)
• Intro to Breadth of Thinking Tools
• Winter Survival Simulation on group and individual decision making
• Criteria on thinking critically
• Action Planning
• Reflection and Evaluation

MICHAEL LIM, a Master in Industrial Management graduate, has 28+ years of extensive practical experience having held various local and regional positions as manufacturing operations manager, senior Asia Pacific learning and development manager and senior Asia Pacific leadership development program manager in multinational companies.

His expertise covers manufacturing, quality (including ISO audits) and productivity improvement processes & tools; human resources and organizational development and learning strategies/processes such as people participation and empowerment processes, human resources processes & programs eg. TNA, performance management, leadership development, talent management and succession planning.

He facilitates strategic planning sessions at both organization and functional department levels. (Beneficiary companies: Motorola, Dell, Esquel, Komag, and Antah Schindler).

Michael also conducts executive coaching for managers and directors using the 1800 and 3600 feedback survey process. (Dell)
He designs, develops, customizes and delivers training programs (covering diverse areas such as soft skills, leadership and manufacturing programs, teambuilding, etc) Certified trainer for:
• Train the Trainer (PSMB)
• DDI’s Certified Assessment Center Assessor, Techniques for Empowered Workforce, Interaction Management,
• Learning Map (Roots Learning, USA),
• Advanced Dialogue Skills (Dialogos Consulting, MIT, USA),
• Teambuilding (PSDC and Dell),
• CoRT Thinking (Edward de Bono’s ),
• Motorola Certified Instructor, and Certified Trainer (PSMB, Malaysia)

Managers, executives and staff at all levels in an organization.

2 days

Program 100% Claimable under SBL Scheme
PSDC Members: RM 750/pax
Non-Members:   RM 820/pax


*Training dates are subject to change