7S Implementation for Modern Housekeeping (QIT105)

21 March 2017 - 21 March 2017

A workshop that focus on the practical and basic aspect of implementing “World Class Organization”. A proper housekeeping is the basic step toward quality and productivity improvement. Proper housekeeping forms a basic foundation for programs such as TPM(Total Productive Maintenance), TQM (Total Quality Management), JIT (Just in Time) etc.

In this workshop, we focus on both the technical and cultural change aspect to implement housekeeping in a systematic manner. Various visual tools will be used in this course to bring better training effectiveness.

After attending this session, participants should be able to:
• Executive the 7S activities systematically
• Address the housekeeping issues with necessary corrective actions
• Implement 7S activities effectively in their organization
• Design own housekeeping audit checklist for proper implementation and standardization
• Set up appropriate reward and recognition system to encourage and motivate employees to contribute and participate in 7S activities
• Establish the implementation plan for 7S housekeeping in their organizations

• 7S as a good housekeeping management
• Kaizen Approach
• Definition of 7S: Philosophy and Techniques
• The 3 goals of 7S

• Remedy Vs Prevention Vs Proactive approach
• 1st S : Safety & Sense
   - Items to be aware while doing 7S activities
   - Personal protection in shop floor and recognition of dangerous items
• 2nd S: Seiri - Sort out and stratification of unnecessary items
   - How to decide the unwanted items?
   - Techniques applied to identify unwanted things, application of tagging etc.
   - Example and Practical Cases on Seiri Activities
• 3rd S: Seiton - Arrange or do a functional Storage and Eliminating the need to look for things
   - Proper filing systems and tools arrangement systems
   - Error prevention and easy access of required items
   - Reducing access time to improve Quality and Productivity
   - Application of Visual Control Systems
• 4th S : Seiso - Improve the degrees of cleanliness
   - Install the habit of cleanliness among all workers
   - Quality starts with proper and clean environment
   - Designing cleaning methods for hard to access areas
   - Cleaning Methods, Tools, Time table and effectiveness measurement
• 5th S : Seiketsu - Visual management and standardization
   - Type of visual control systems and their application
   - Enhance the effectiveness of 7S and implement Kaizen activities
• 6th S : Shitsuke -Habit formation and discipline workplace
   - Methods to install 7S culture in the plant and office
• 7th S : Sustain –Maintain the housekeeping activities and habit at workplace
   - Methods to sustain housekeeping activities in the plant and office
• Practical & Real Case Studies after each of the 7S activities

• Video and photograph techniques to enhance 7S implementation
• Implementation of visual control system
• Proper management structure
• Recognition and rewards for 7S enhancement

• The definition of Change
• The needs for Change to meet current competitive business environment
• Aspects of business management: Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety & Morale
• Platform required for Change: People, Management and Environment
• Activities stimulating changes
• Maslow hierarchy of needs, Hertzberg Hygiene and Motivation theory
• Video Cases: The business of Paradigms

• Promotion committee and activities
• 7S weeks
• Quarterly competition and recognition
• Individual and team recognition
• Linkages between 7S results to business performance measures.
• To set up 7S housekeeping implementation system
• Understand each step of 7S and implement them accordingly
• Perform the necessary 7S audit to ensure compliance to standards

Set up “World Class” shopfloor in your company

This course will be conducted in the form of lecture and group discussion in an informal manner. Participants will be involved during the course through out the course.

Participants will be doing a real life assessment in their work place and address all deviations with necessary actions. A video tape session will be given to show the effectiveness of 6S activities in productivity and quality improvement.

Participants will also draft out a suitable implementation plan for their organizations at the end to the session.

The target audiences include all supervisors, Executives, Engineers and Managers from Quality, Process, Planning and Production. This course is particular useful for companies aiming to achieve a continuous improvement through the installation of proper quality culture among the workforce.

MS JESSLYNN LEE MEE LIN, who has more than seventeen years of experience in training & development, is a corporate trainer for many organizations in Malaysia, Singapore, United States, Australia, China & Batam. She has lectured with various leading colleges and teaching institutes and her participants include Front-liners, Engineers, Executives and Supervisors from the corporate and private sector. She also conducts training programs for in-house and public programs for many organizations in Malaysia and overseas.

Ms Lee is currently a Global Learning and Development Manager for an international organization where she worked closely with all departments and all level of employees to ensure best quality product achieved to customers and all employees are fully trained. Ms Lee has been a HR practitioner for the last seventeen years.

She holds a MBA from University Portsmouth, UK and is a certified trainer from IPD, UK. She is also a certified Safety & Health Officer from NIOSH and certified trainer of IPC Revision D from IPC, Australia. Her training expertise includes Leadership Skills, Teambuilding, Motivation, Time Management Skills, Technical Report Writing, 7 QC Tools, Presentation Skills, Supervisory Program, Interviewing Skills, Stress Management, 5S Program, English Literacy Program, IPC Training, Clerical and Personal Development, Communication Skills and Safety & Health Program among others. She presents her courses based on her many years of first-hand training experience with staff at various levels and conducts her courses in both Bahasa Malaysia and English with ease. Her training is always lively and fun.

SABRINA LIM has a Bachelor in Engineering (First Class Honours) from The University of Sydney. She was attached to well-known American MNCs where she had hands-on experience in the Quality, Quality Systems and Process Engineering.

Her success in her career include ISO9000 recertification, taking responsibility for product transfer from the US, troubleshooting new product quality problems and involvement in in-process yield improvement programmes, developing training materials, calibration systems, new product specifications and standard operating procedures.

She has been involved in teaching and training for the past nine years and has conducted trainings in quality, quality systems and technical areas. Her hands-on experience in manufacturing as well exposure in training personnel from diverse industries in Malaysia and Singapore enables her to provide a good insight to troubleshooting process problems and improving overall quality as well as latest developments in the quality arena.

1 day

Program 100% Claimable under SBL Scheme
PSDC Members: RM470/pax
Non-Members:   RM500/pax

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